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Curia Notes: April 2022


Present: Abelard, Albrecht, Arthur, Sybillia, Sofonisba, Asabella, Eric, Beatrice, Geoffrey, Kale, Rhys, Rachel, Randall, Tatiana, Ysolt, Carter, Shawnah, Annetje, Katie, Arnbjorn, Octavian.

Officer Reports:

Baron/Baroness: We will be holding a May Day Moot with Their Excellencies Jararvellir in Fort Atkinson on May 1. More information later in the notes. Please send in award recomendations. Also, pray attend: there will be an event bid from Beatrice later in the meeting. Congratulations to Their Majesties, Ajax Rex and Gaia Regina, Nordscildenses.

Seneschal: Had a meeting with the new Kingdom Seneschal. Also, we're working on some sites ( and others) to inventory things.

Chatelaine: Relatively quiet. Had a few emails come in, will be following up. Had a couple visitors during practice a couple weeks ago, been in touch with them. Tatiana and Idonia worked gate at Boar's Head and reported having some problems dressing people from the gold key because the sizes don't all line up with peoples' actual sizes and it was ill-fitting and unattractive, which doesn't make people feel welcomed. Would like to suggest that we make some new t-tunics in various sizes to add to the loaner gear, and those can be belted to fit. We can inventory the gold key at . Her Excellency Ysolt is following up with Belle, because some of the things she expected to be available (belts, in particular) weren't there. We know that in the last few years there was new belt hardware and new belts. Arthur has material to make and finish leather belts. Maybe a clothes rack to use at events so people don't have to go through tubbies. Beatriz will have everything inventoried by next Curia with lists of what has been disposed of (due to ill repair, substantial stains, etc) and what it looks like we need. Annetje and Sybillia have offered to help with inventorying. In the course of inventorying, make note of what's fitted and what's not. When inventorying this stuff, things shouldn't be just thrown out; we can post things somewhere that are going to be retired in case there's a reason to keep it around - if it can be repaired or salvaged or should be reclaimed/returned for sentimental reasons.

Chronicler: Articles for The Tower due Monday, Apr 25. The paper version of the Baronial Directory are available - have contacted people to arrange delivery. Arnbjorn will be stepping up as Kingdom Chronicler on June 1, and needs to step down from the local office, so the office is open.

Exchequer: We have some money. Asabella is now the Eastern Regional Deputy Exchequer (technically, transitioning into it) and we think she can continue to be the emergency CAM deputy exchequer, but if someone wants to take over that would be great. We will also be getting a new Kingdom Exchequer in May or June.

Quartermaster: See the storage locker conversation later in the meeting notes.

Herald: Nothing new to report, but congratulations to Asabella and Arnjorn for all the added work they get to do for the Society.

Knights Marshal: Nobody's been hurt in the last few practices. No practice at the church May 5 or 12.

Archery Captain: Last week he talked to the UWM student group about archery and thrown weapons. Still discussing the summer schedule to adjust around fighter's practice, hope to have that nailed down before the May Tower. We have loaner gear for both archery and thrown weapons.

Thrown Weapons: This coming Sunday is the first Thrown Weapons practice at noon at Kinnickinnic River Parkway (after archery).

Rapier Marshal: No injuries to report, but the current Princess Sleeve Champion is our own Joseph Leveson, who is also Baronial Champion.

Youth Combat: We had a youth, he should be returning when his dad does. We are in the process of changing the office over.

MOAS: Read the Tower. The weather's getting nicer, which opens up lots of opportunities for new arts and sciences!

Signet: Nothing specific is happening, but we have a moot coming up! Making some blanks so we have a cushion of scrolls. If anyone wants to contrinute scroll blanks, please do. Beatrice has been holding scribal nights for the student group and has some things to donate. There are some other pieces that they're working on too. Kingdom needs scroll blanks too.

Social Media Officer: The office is open. Reports are easy - mostly listing membership numbers in social media.

Web Minister: If times or other content need to change on the website, let the webminister know.

Old Business:

Fall Crown '22 Bid: Bid was approved by Curia and sent to Stallari. St Johns October something.

Turm an dem See: Randall figured out the zip codes for Washington County and a few other places and requested that they be added to the Barony. The outgoing Kingdom Seneschal suggested that we might reach out to TADS to see if they wanted to join us. (Later conversation about this later in the notes.)