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Curia Notes: May 16, 2023

Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Mysie, Annetje, Sibillia, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Kale, Beatriz, Asabella, Johnny Dangerously, Katie, Beatrice.


• Baron and Baroness: Happy New Year! And, congratulations to Their Highnesses Yngvar and Belle on their victory at Crown this past weekend, and congratulations to all of our local combatants and consorts! We will hold court at the War Practice event in a couple of weeks. Please send in award recommendations, both to us and to Their Majesties.

• Herald/ Katie: Will be at The Roost to do court on Saturday. Nothing new to report.

o Signet- Kale: People are getting blanks to Their Excellencies, which is great. Office is open - no LOI at this time.

• Chronicler/Sofonisba: We published the Tower. Next articles are due next month. Tatiana will step back up when all of the payments for the fundraiser are complete.

• Web Minister/ Geoffrey: Nothing to report - if you see problems or want changes on the website, please let him know.

• Minister of Arts & Sciences/ Sibillia: Please let her know what projects you're working on.

• Knights Marshal/ Armond: Nothing to report. Practices continue twice a week.

o Rapier Marshal/ Sibillia: One new fencer. Practices continue twice a week.

o Archery Captain/Arnbjorn: Two practices per week - Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings. We have loaner equipment - come out and shoot with us!

o Thrown Weapons Captain/ Arnbjorn/Karl: This is Arnbjorn's last report. Karl and Arnbjorn will run Thrown Weapons at the War Practice event Saturday and Sunday.

o Youth Combat/Rhys: Nothing to report, but will be in charge of youth combat at Haustblot.

• Chatelaine/ Beatriz: Had three bites through the 'ask the chatelaine' function on the website, one of which for rapier, one for rapier & costumes, and a third miscellaneous one.

• Social Media Officer/Beatriz: Meetup is working moderately well. Created facebook events for practices. No boat-rockers - thank you!

• Exchequer/ Arthur: We have money. Leaving for Europe shortly - Asabella has the checkbook.

o Quartermaster/Magnus: No report.

• Seneschal/ Arnbjorn: Just sent in quarterly report. (Those are due for all offices next Thursday the 25th.) Office is open.

o Minister of Youth: Office is open.


• War Practice at the Roost - May 26-29, 2023 ( Armond): There will be war practice! Tbone has a number of scenarios mapped out. Sofonisba will cook and distribute food as needed. Will need help with Gate. Only 20 pre-reg's, but lots of people have said that they're coming.

• Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium - June 23-25, 2023 (Beatrice:) We are on track. Pre-reg is still open and going. People can still submit Classes and proposals for Proceedings until this Friday. We have just been informed that Their Highnesses East will be in attendance. Things are proceeding apace. Will be reserving rooms with Special Events at the school. Will be in touch with Arthur or Asabella for that deposit. (Waiting for pre-reg to close down so that we know how many rooms to reserve.) Will there be a day-of gate? Yes, and you can mark that you will pay at gate. If you are attending please pre-reg so we know how much food to purchase for Saturday lunch, which is included in the gate fee.

• Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration – Sept 22-24, 2023 (Sofonisba & Tatiana): Working with Nell to set up pre-reg form, which will be up soon (hopefully by Wednesday). If you want a cabin please contact Tatiana via email. Will be a feast ($20 for adults, $10 for kids.) We will have merchants - $10 for a merchant space. Armond is running feast. Arnbjorn will run archery. Karl will run thrown weapons if he's warranted by then. Rhys will run youth combat. Viking hiking / scavenger hunt. Geoffrey will run heavy. Need someone to do gate. Want an artisans row. Want a rapier MIC. (Sofonisba will speak to local marshals.) Want bardic. Want games. Will talk to Tbone and Thora about rebated steel. The viking festival up north won't conflict. There are two-person, four-person, and six-person cabins and a bunkhouse (with a kitchen) and a new shower house. We do have a family cap for the event (two adults, two kids).

• Job Descriptions – Information on offices: Many officers have submitted job descriptions to the CAM Officers list. Arnbjorn recently re-sent the ones which have been sent in. Discussion will happen on the CAM Officers list.

• Officer inventories- Google Sites: If you have Baronial items in your possession, upload photos to the google site.

• Boar’s Head Event Steward- looking for bids/volunteer- Bids due May Curia: We have a bid from Beatriz: . Dec 2, 2023. Roughly the same site fees and plan as last year, assuming no feast and a catered lunch. Site claims that they have fixed the oven. Before we decide on having a feast or lunch someone needs to check that. Possibly 'luncheon style' feast? There are concerns about feast making things run long. His Majesty is pushing to lower prices for students to the level of the non-member surcharge. We should also look at the family cap. Beatriz will speak with Her Highness's chamberlain about whether or not we want to involve dance in some capacity.

• Library Demo(s): Beatriz connected Danielle with the Jara chatelaine to discuss library demos. She will follow up about that.


Exchequer Letter of Intent: Jean du MalChance has submitted a letter of intent for Exchequer. There were no objections. He and Arthur can discuss the transition when Arthur comes back from Europe.


Brewers & Vintners Guild- hiatus

A&S Nights- hiatus

Shop Night- Randall’s-Tuesdays

UWM SCA- Tuesdays- on summer break

Woodworking- Armond’s by appointment


Signet- Letters of Intent are due by May Curia

Seneschal- Letters of Intent are due by May Curia

Quartermaster- Letters of Intent are due by May Curia

Archery Captain- Letters of Intent are due by July Curia

Minister of Youth- Vacant- Open until filled

Boar’s Head Event Steward- Bids due by May Curia- Contact Seneschal for site rental costs.

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