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February 2018


In Attendance:Abelard, Ysolt, Armond, Sofonisba, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Arnbjorn, Rachel, Asabella, Rhys, Arthur, Sibillia

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness:No words of wisdom. Tatiana was going to help with the lunch for Coronation on April 14 and now can't, so we need new volunteers. See below for more.

Seneschal: Office is open - letters were due Feb 13th. One applicant: Tatiana. Since there was only one applicant we voted to bypass the rest of the procedure and vote. Vote passed. Tatiana will be the new seneschal in June. April 17th is the due date for bids for Boar's Head 2018. Background checks will now require the permission of the Kingdom Seneschal - if you need a background check done, contact the Kingdom Seneschal. The official bullying policy is being worked on by the BOD, but so far it amounts to 'keep records and documentation in writing.' Can't kick someone off-site for bullying or harassment yet.

Chronicler: Reports and articles due Feb 26. Bylaws will be printed in the March issue.

Web: Gathering requirements. Met with the Baroness. Send ideas to webminister.

MOAS: We still have Arts and still have Sciences. We had a good representation at Kingdom A&S. Met once in January, but nobody except the MOAS came. So, new policy re: project days - MOAS requests an RSVP. Working on setting up a project day in March. Asabella made a dress!

Knights Marshal: New fighter moved here from Cleftlands and is adapting well!

Archery: We continue to shoot. No injuries. Wrapping up the King's Shoot. Winter Archery Clinic is the same weekend as Heralds And Scribes.

Rapier: Still having practice. Lots of people are currently out due to injuries and illness. Albrecht will be in charge on Feb 22. Also, will only bring a minumum of loaner gear to practices now unless specifically requested to do otherwise.

Youth: Upcoming events are Munchkin Madness, maybe Border Skirmish, maybe WW, and Northern Realms War. Not in that order. Bring kids to practice, Thursday nights from 7-9.

Thrown Weapons: Sunday March 4 at 2 PM at Jara.

Chatelaine: One new student. The UWM students would like to request instructors to teach at their Wednesday night meetings.

Exchequer: Turned in year end report mostly on time. (Needed a signature.) Sent check to Washington County Fair Park to reserve Boar's Head. Storage locker is paid through May; we should reimburse Armond $70.47. Moved to reimburse, voted, approved. Should we pay the storage locker for a full year? Moved that we do, voted, passed. Yes, we should. Also, Exchequer office is open. One LOI from Arthur (see last month's notes). Since there was only one applicant we voted to bypass the rest of the procedure and vote. Vote passed. Arthur is the new Exchequer and will step up in April. Asabella will remain as deputy.

Quartermaster: Office is open. Armond offered to extend his office for a year. Moved to accept him in that position, voted, passed.

Herald: Wants to get little white boards to help people design new devices. Will also check into which Baronial awards have been registered with Society.

Old Business:

Custom Trim: Taking names to see who wants trim. Talked to Drixt - he has ordered the sample. Have tentatively ordered 500 meters. Money will be due in April or May or whenever it gets here.

Bar for after fighting: Still haven't found one (but there is Real Chili). Maybe we can do social practice on the first Wednesday of the month after UWM's student meeting? Will ask the students.

Boar's Head: Need autocrats by April Curia.

Coronation lunch: Rachel, Sybillia, Arnbjorn can help on the day of. Tatiana can pre-cook and prep in advance. Sofonisba is still in charge.

Border Skirmish: Need to sign the rental contract and get the deposit. Need someone to do A&S. Will get the insurance things from Society shortly, including Equestrian. When she has all the info, will email Excheqer. Half down as a deposit. (Note, she got the signatures and check before the end of the meeting tonight.)

Boar's Head 2018: Signed the check to hold the date.

Heralds and Scribes: No updates available.

Guilds and Groups:See last month, except:

Woodworking Guild: Shop (at Armond's) is open. The guild will start meeting next month.

Dance: A few of our people are teaching at the Northshield Dance Seminar April 28.

Brewing and Vinting: Some taste-testing has been happening at Randall's on shop nights (after shop usage, of course).


Northshield Auction: The Northshield Auction is underway for another week. Bid!

WW: Let the autocrats know what you think of the current site! Talk about it on the WW facebook page.

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