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February 2020 Curia Notes

In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Sofonisba, Armond, Belle, Arnbjorn, Theresa, Asabella, Idonia, Rachel, Tatiana, Arthur, Geoffrey, Rhys.

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Doing peachy. Congratulations to Tony and Theresa, who received their AoAs! Thank you for coming to the moots! Send in award recommendations for both Kingdom and Barony level awards! How about that website!

Seneschal: Stepping down at the end of March. Filed quarterly reports.

Deputy Seneschal: Report will be in the Tower. Participate in the online auction!

Chronicler: Reports are due 2/25.

Webminister: It's up and running. It's pretty. Currently spread across three providers, and we can't hook them all together until next month sometime. Need to keep the calendar up to date - the website uses a frame to display the google calendar, which anybody should be able to edit. (Editor's note: We're looking into this.) Calendar doesn't look good on mobile devices - will investigate. Moots and Curia meetings can be added as events on the website. Will add Border Skirmish Planning Meeting. Note: The multiple providers may explain some of the email weirdness that's happening.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Doing A&S to prepare for Kingdom A&S Faire and Gulf Wars. Lots of textiles, jewelry, etc. The usual A&S goodness. Cooks Guild will happen in March - sausages at Rhys's. Perishingly few classes at Border Skirmish. Suggestion: Post on Kingdom page, barony page, Bridget Flame list, Laurel list, etc., and check with Ravenslake counterpart.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue on Thursdays. No injuries or permanent deaths. Congratulations to Arthur Angus for authorizing Combat Archery at Fighting in the Shade.

Archery: Practices continue at West Town Archery. Reports have been turned in. For the Northshield Winter Shoot, we currently hold First, Second, and Fourth places. (Third place is Baroness Jois).

Thrown Weapons: On hiatus until Spring.

Rapier: Rapier practices on Thursdays. We were invaded by Jara last week. MITs, turn in your quarterly reports. Sybillia would like to borrow some of the loaner gear for the Kenosha practice - maybe, as long as she is aware that she will be responsible for it and not the person she loans it to. Also, she should transport it instead of the person she loans it to.

Youth: Practices around the world this weekend. Also, at Kingdom A&S Faire kids will be able to decorate tabards, shield covers, and shields with heraldry.

Chatelaine: It's been pretty quiet, which could be the result of email problems or actual quietness. Kingdom Chatelaine says that demos are up to Belle, so she'll work on them. Wants to do more targeted demos - for instance, a scribal or illumination demo at an art faire or art store, or fiber arts demo at a yarn shop. Ideas for demo locations: "First Friday", Gallery Night, Old World Wisconsin, Maxwell Street Days. Parades, libraries, movies, Milwaukee Art Museum, Sons of Norway, Celtic Milwaukee... Email Belle with ideas. Maybe we can do a demo every other month. Maybe outdoor A&S (weather permitting). Movies in garb! Beer Gardens in garb! Talk to Mysie about the Farmers Market demo idea!

Exchequer: There's a report to sign. Do we have an updated bill for the storage locker? (Armond is going to dig more.) Also, need to pay the web hosting bill (Rachel needs reimbursement). Armond also wants the 501C form to show at the storage locker.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. We still want to have a day of cleaning out the storage locker.

Herald: Well-attended banner making day. Working on the next round of art submissions for awards.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: If you have a job, you probably have a counterpart. Work with your counterparts. Need help with setup (to help longshoremen), royalty liaison for Northshield (edited to add: Kateryn will do this), youth coordinator, Rapier MIC from CAM, Youth Combat MIC from CAM (Abelard will do this), Siege Marshal (Geoffrey?), Gate help/volunteers. We are using the picnic pavilion for food and "indoor" classes, though we'll have to put up some kind of temporary walls. Not doing Friday night fighter's food, but Tatiana will have food at the Inn. Menu soon. New positions: Event herald/Information/Communications, security, lost and found, public relations, disability services.

Silk Banners part 2: Making banners specifically for the barony - generic sort of heraldry, maybe some of the office badges.

May Moot: Planning to combine with Jaravellir, May 3, 16, or 17. Armond is looking into the availability of the Delafield Legion Hall.

Social Event: Axe throwing? Movie night? If someone is interested in organizing these things, take the reins!

Boar's Head bids: Event should be Dec 5. Asabella might be putting in a bid if someone will do the feast... Tatiana will reach out to the site to get the weekend reserved.

New Business:

SUN bid?: Mysie is working on a proposal for SUN, for November 14, at Marquette. No kitchen, so no feast; would be good to provide lunch (which we should be able to do out of Nescoes). Drawback: People would have to pay for parking. Cooking classes can be lectures or can maaaaaybe be done in a physics lab - check with Mysie. We discussed and approved going forward with a bid.

2020 Budget: We will re-use the budget from last year.

Guilds and Groups:

Woodworking: Feb 26

A&S West: Feb 26

Cooking Guild: Will happen in March - sausages at Rhys's.

Student Group: Meets on Mondays at 5 PM, looking for teachers. (They have a meeting first, then learn things.)

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