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June 2018


In Attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Geoffrey, Tatiana, Armond, Sofonisba, Arthur, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Adriana, Rachel, Mysie, Asabella, Sibillia, Annetje (remote)

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness:*Baron and Baroness: Border Skirmish was fun - we had a great time. Wish we could have been there more! Armond's gripe was that he had three tents to dry out and didn't camp. Nobody died!

Seneschal: Nothing to report. Send in award recommendations! Please use the Northshield website to identify what events you will be at.

Chronicler: Articles are due Monday, June 25. Baronial histories are being published in the Northwatch - looking for artwork, songs, photos, articles, etc. Looking particularly for historical photos - will check with Shava. Also need releases for those. Office is open - letters of intent are due by August Curia.

Webminister: No report. We have a website!

Knights Marshal: We've been fighting outside. No injuries or anything amazing to report.

Rapier: Practice continues. They're down one fighter. There was a sprained ankle at Border Skirmish.

Archery: 6 people shot Friday, 26 Saturday. Border Skirmish tournament won by someone from Ayreton. Office is open - letters of intent due by August Curia. Not planning to ask for an extension. Someone is already eyeing the office. Still shooting twice a week, weather permitting.

Youth: No practice this week (June 21). Otherwise, practice continues.

Thrown Weapons: 16 throwers at Border Skirmish. Need to get the targets back out of the storage locker. Next no-fee practice will also have thrown weapons. New targets worked well, though they had to put a piece of plywood behind them.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Classes at Border Skirmish went well. A&S continues to happen. Asabella made and wore a new dress. Office is open - letters of intent are due by August Curia.

Chatelaine: There are new people. Baroness has things for the garb closet.

Exchequer: If you have expenses for Border Skirmish, please turn them in so we can close the books. (Waiting for the invoice for the portapotties.) We had our audit - thanks, Asabella! Need some people to sign off on some paperwork. Some discrepancies in the report, but will turn it in once the expenses are in.

Quartermaster: Trailer is unloaded and everything is put away. The trailer is great. The students are thankful for the use of the tent, and will get their own ropes and stakes.

Herald: No report. There were some awards at Border Skirmish!

Old Business:

Boar's Head: If you write an event proposal which includes the fact that royalty will be comped, then you can comp royalty. Make sure Kateryn knows that.

Border Skirmish: Extra site tokens (about 60). Compliments on Troll. Need an invoice from the porta-potty people. Need martial reports. Will have a post-event debrief on July 21 somewhere in Kenosha/Racine (see below). There were problems with communications and unforseen issues, for instance: Someone cancelled a class unexpectedly, and all of the equestrian activities were cancelled due to lack of horses, and the One Paw Tiger Inn also didn't make it. Royalty had a good time. Did you like the google group? Would you prefer a facebook group? Please report back to Sibillia. The google forms work well. There was a problem regarding the previous year's website and the fact that it's still available - the CAM websites have been retired, but the Ravenslake ones are still google-able. How much of the waterbearing supplies were used? In the future it would help to send pre-reg to Troll. Liked having a lunch break. The merchant coordinator needs to fill out the Wisconsin State Tax Form.

Should we cancel Border Skirmish in the future? People seemed really sincere when they attended and expressed how much they enjoyed it. Baron and Baroness talked to Ravenslake Seneschal about fostering better communication. Since the event is held on Northshield lands, some things need to happen a certain way. Maybe CAM should also be lead for certain areas, and the other areas can switch back and forth between the two groups? This was also a big topic of conversation at Troll. We need a binder for this event, which will include checklists for all the stuff, schedules, etc. Some areas are better run by a single person. Note: donations made to cover PBS are being returned - if you haven't gotten yours, talk to Arthur.

New Business:

Stamping Day: Tatiana suggested hosting a stamping and stencilling day at the American Legion Hall in Delafield sometime in September (not to conflict with Coronation or Baronial Champs). There will be space for fighting - we could have a regional fighter's practice. Geoffrey is in charge. If people BYOB we don't have to pay the bartender. Bring whatever food you want - we can use the kitchen. More information forthcoming. Site rental is $125.

Border Skirmish Debrief: De-brief July 21 - looking for a place to have it. Would like to find a picnic area in the Kenosha/Racine area. If you can't attend the debrief, please send your notes to Tatiana.

Event Proposal Form: We should draft a formal template for an event proposal form. Some samples are on the website under

Add to Bylaws: Past Barons and Baronesses will be comped at events. Also, we need to add that we intend to comp royalty.

Guilds and Groups:

Scribal West: On hiatus this month.

Woodworking: On hiatus this month.

UWM: On hiatus for the summer.

Scribal East: On demand - talk to Beatrice.

Dance: On demand - talk to Beatrice.


Mama Cat Tournament will probably happen at Baronial Champs.

No Curia in July.

3rd of July fireworks - Dahrien and Mysie will have space by the Kite Shop for fireworks, and will be there all day.

Mysie and Dahrien's anniversary party is 6 PM, July 2, Great Lakes Distillery. Everyone is invited.

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